Gripping and handling means

Crane beams

Beams are specific handling means, serving to the wide range sometimes very special handling processes and the lifting capacity may be from tens of kilograms up to hundreds of tons. They can be designed as detachable, suspended usually on pulley block hook, or non-detachable, suspended directly on crane hoisting ropes. All beams can be performed as rotating ones.

Standard simple beams

Consist of the basic girder, that can be fitted with the whole range of various suspension components – fixed, then with manual feed or power feed, and it serves mainly to handling the long loads or their bundles.

Special beams

Usually single-purpose, designed for specific type of handling. Stop log beams for handling the flash-boards on dam's underwater level also belong to special beams.

Further it is a big range of beams for metallurgical plants, where it is necessary to handle the molten metal, large sized and sometimes also hot (up to 800 °C) products, etc. Also casting beams with lifting capacity, which mostly ranges in hundreds of tons, belongs here. Beams are fitted with laminated hooks for suspension of a ladle with molten metal, and they can be equipped with a weighing system.


Beams can be fitted with motor hook rotating in order the large sized and heavy loads could be rotated around vertical axis. Tongs beams, that can be mechanically operated without tong jaws drive, or with drive (electric, hydraulic, pneumatic), are used for handling the finished products.