Gripping and handling means

Classic pulleys

Standard pulley blocks represent the basic and the most used non-detachable suspension means by cranes or lifting equipment.

With regard to the specific handling process we offer the bottom blocks of lifting capacity from several kilograms up to hundreds of tons, of various engineering design and technical equipment.


The supporting components of bottom block are usually forged hooks, which can be either single or double, while double hooks can be designed even with opening for hanger pin.

All hooks are always fitted with protection against self-releasing of handled load. From the point of view of structure, the bottom blocks can be designed as common, standard or with shortened building height. All rope sheaves are always fitted with covers, that serve either as protection against rope slipping out from the sheave groove during its releasing, or as protection against falling of foreign object to the space of the sheaves, drawing-in of human body part, etc. The bottom blocks can also be fitted with weighing system of various design and accuracy of weighing. The detected mass of load can be shown on display directly on bottom block, transmitted on crane eventually even outside of it, or the combination of these methods can be used.

In case if electromagnet or hydraulic grab are suspended on bottom block, then this block is fitted with socket for power supply and control of these devices. The supply voltage and control signals are lead to bottom block from the trolley by cable.